(Video) TPP: Still Alive and Coming Soon

Guest: Robert Longer, Legislative-Political Director, Communications Workers of America Local 9421 / Recorded 9/8/15 / 58 mins

Twelve nations are still hard at work negotiating the final details of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. And they’re still behind closed doors.

Back at the end of July, news media were reporting on the failure of trade negotiators to finalize the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the ambitious “trade” agreement to be made among 12 Pacific Rim nations. But July was just a hoped-for target date. Meanwhile, the secretive negotiations continue on a near-daily basis as the final issues are resolved.

Negotiators expect to complete the agreement sometime this fall. Then it’s on to Congress, which will have no power to amend the agreement, thanks to the passage of “fast track” some months ago. Congress can vote only Yes or No. The struggle to get Congress to vote “no” will be major political effort. Get ready!

TPP is not a “trade agreement”. It is a Bill of Rights for corporations. Consider:

  • TPP will offshore millions of good-paying jobs to low-wage nations, undercutting working conditions globally and increasing unemployment.
  • TPP will expand pharmaceutical monopoly protections and institute longer patents that will decrease access to affordable medications.
  • TPP will limit food GMO labeling and allow the import of goods that do not meet US safe standards.
  • TPP will institute regulations and Internet measures which restrict our right to free speech.
  • TPP will roll back Wall Street regulations, and prohibit bans on risky financial services.
  • TPP will give multinational corporations and private investors the right to sue nations in private tribunals. These tribunals have the power to overturn environmental, labor, or any other laws that limit profit, awarding taxpayer funded damages.
  • TPP will encourage the privatization of lands and natural resources in areas where indigenous people live.