Video: TPP – Another Corporate Power Grab

Guest: Carleen Pickard, Executive Director, Global Exchange
Recorded March 4, 2014

Paul George, Director of the Peninsula Peace and Justice Center, and Carleen Pickard, Executive Director of Global Exchange, and host Paul George discuss the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

TPP would create a super-treaty which jeopardizes the sovereignty of the nations involved by giving that power to large corporations like Wal-Mart, Monsanto, Goldman Sachs, Pfizer, Halliburton, Philip Morris, GE, GM, Apple. There are currently 11 nations involved: U.S., New Zealand, Australia, Brunei, Chile, Malaysia, Peru, Singapore, Vietnam, Mexico and Canada. Japan has shown interest.

TPP will offshore millions of good-paying jobs to low-wage nations.

TPP will decrease access to affordable medications.

TPP will limit food GMO labeling and allow the import of unsafe goods.

TPP will institute Internet measures which restrict our right to free speech.

TPP will roll back Wall Street regulations, and prohibit bans on risky financial services.

TPP will give multinational corporations and private investors the right to sue nations in private tribunals with the power to overturn environmental, labor, or any other laws that limit profits.

TPP will encourage the privatization of lands and natural resources.

Learn what TPP is, why it needs to be stopped, and how you can help stop it.