Video: Syria & Iran Update with Foreign Correspondent Reese Erlich

other voices tv logo 300pxThe Assad government, Russia and Iran are retaking much of the Syrian territory once controlled by rebels. The US pulled out of the nuclear deal with Iran while some in the Trump administration seek to overthrow the government and replace it with a pro-US regime. Trump and Putin talked peace in Helsinki, but civilians in the Middle East still suffer from foreign intervention. Journalist and book author Reese Erlich returns to Other Voices TV with an up to date analysis of the volatile Middle East.

Erlich is author of the forthcoming book The Iran Agenda Today: US Policy and the Middle East Crisis in a New Era.

Reese Erlich

Produced by Peninsula Peace and Justice Center, Palo Alto, CA

Recorded at Midpen Media Center, Palo Alto, CA

Recorded August 7, 2018