Video: Seventeen Ballot Propositions?!?

This November, California voters will have no less than 17 ballot measures to vote on. For October’s Other Voices monthly forum, we’ll help you do your homework. We won’t have time to sort through all of them in detail, but we’ll try to cover some of the most important … or most confusing.

Our guests talk about:

Proposition 59 – “Overturn Citizens United” – Eitan Fenson, Move to Amend
Proposition 62 – “End the Death Penalty” – Gerard McGuire, CA People of Faith Working to End the Death Penalty
Proposition 63 – “Safety for All – Gun Violence Prevention” – Don Veith, Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, Santa Clara County Chapter

Questions about Propositions 54, 61, 65 and 67 were also discussed.

“Other Voices” is a monthly community forum covering a range of topics. The program received the WAVE Award in 2016 for Best Informational Talk Show from the Alliance for Community Media

The program was recorded at the Midpen Media Center in Palo Alto, CA on October 11, 2016