California Leads the Way with Progressive, Trump-Resisting Legislation
Single Payer Healthcare * No Deportation Help * Reining in Surveillance


Tessa D’Arcangelew – Leadership Development Manager & Organizer, ACLU of Northern California

Elizabeth Aultman – Registered Nurse & Patient Advocate; Healthy CA Campaign

H. Laura Casas – VP, Day Worker Center of Mountain View ; President, Foothill-De Anza Community College Board of Directors;


Paul George, Director, Peninsula Peace and Justice Center

When the Federal government has gone completely off the rails … whether on the environment, health care, jobs or whatever … it falls to the individual states to push forward rational policies. In the Trumpster Fire era, California is leading the way.

For this edition of Other Voices Monthly Forum, we looked at some of the most exciting pieces of legislation now working their way through Sacramento.

SB 562 The Healthy California Act would set up a single payer healthcare system for California.

SB 54 The California Values Act would bar the use of any government resources – state or local – from being used to assist in Trump’s immigrant deportation efforts.

SB 21 Police Surveillance Transparency would require that police departments, before acquiring or using new spying technology, obtain approval in advance to do so from an elected board during a public hearing.

Representatives from various groups working to pass these bills joined us to help us understand what’s in them and what it will take to pass them.

Recorded at MidPen Media Center, Palo Alto, CA on 7/18/2017

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