PPJC director PAUL GEORGE in conversation with ZAHRA BILLOO, Executive Director, Council on American-Islamic Relations, SF Chapter and MIKE GERMAN, Fellow, Liberty and National Security Program, Brennan Center for Justice; Former FBI Special Agent, Domestic Terrorism (Appearing via Skype)

Presidential campaign rhetoric often gets overheated, blown out of proportion. But rarely has it descended to the base levels of Campaign 2016. Blatant racism, xenophobia and fear-mongering — hate speech — has become an alarming norm of the campaign this year.

Words matter, of course, and they have consequences. Frightening consequences if you are a member of one of the targeted communities. And no community has suffered the backlash from this hate speech more than the Muslim community.

The consequences of inciting speech takes many forms: physical assaults, bullying of school children, law enforcement abuses, employment discrimination, denial of public accommodations … it is a long and ever-growing list.

This month’s forum takes a look at the very real fears of the Muslim community, both locally and nationally. It also examines how the FBI has altered its methods from actually investigating terrorist crimes to a massive program of intrusive information gathering and spying on Muslim communities of the US.

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