Video: Malalai Joya of Afghanistan

malalai-videoMalalai Joya, a renowned peace and human rights activist from Afghanistan, spoke in Palo Alto on October 18, 2013, at an event organized by Peninsula Peace and Justice Center.  Joya, 35, first gained international attention in 2003 when she spoke out publicly against the domination of warlords in Afghanistan. In 2005 she became one of 68 women elected to the 249-seat National Assembly and was the youngest member of the Afghan parliament.

This page includes her full talk and two short extracts from the Q&A.

Malalai Joya: A Woman Among Warlords  (Full talk: 39:04)

Excerpt: What Will Happen if the U.S. Troops Really Withdraw? (6:10)

Excerpt: How to Help Afghanistan  (3:08)