Video: Derailed – Prop 49 and the Movement to Amend the Constitution


Guests: Eitan Fenson and Bruce Preville of the Santa Clara County Yes on Prop 49 Campaign and Santa Clara County Move to Amend

Recorded Sept 2, 2014 / 33 mins

The California State legislature voted to place Proposition 49 on November’s ballot. The proposition would have instructed California’s Congressional delegation to support and sponsor Federal legislation to amend the Constitution in a way that would overturn the Supreme Court’s disastrous Citizens United ruling.

On August 11, the CA Supreme Court struck the measure from November’s ballot. So now, the voters are out and money is still in when it comes to our electoral process.

In passing SB 1272 to place Proposition 49 on the ballot, the California legislature was responding to requests from constituents to speak out against misguided Federal Supreme Court rulings. Citizens generated more than 55,000 petition signatures, 40,000 e-mails, 176,000 faxes and hundreds of personal visits to the Capital.