Video: Challenging Corporate Nationhood

A conversation with Jesse Swanhuyser, Director of Voice for the People, Sarah Burt, Staff Attorney for Earthjustice and Paul George (host), Director of Peninsula Peace and Justice Center. Recorded at MIdpen Media Center in Palo Alto, CA on August 2, 2016. 58 minutes

Thanks to Citizens United, you have probably heard about the concept of “corporate personhood” — the idea that corporations enjoy the same Constitutional rights as natural born citizens. But have you heard about corporate nationhood?

Corporate nationhood is a little known threat to socio-economic justice and environmental sustainability. Chevron, Philip-Morris, Koch Industries and other multinational corporations have quietly constructed an international legal system in which they are literally as powerful as sovereign nations.

On this month’s Other Voices forum we examine a number of corporate challenges to domestic, democratically enacted laws. And we will learn about a new strategy to challenge corporate nationhood: strategic legal engagement.

Peninsula Peace and Justice Center (Producer)


Voice for the People
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