Video: Broken Justice with Judge LaDoris Cordell

Judge LaDoris Cordell – Superior Court Judge (Ret.) and Independent Police Auditor for San Jose (Ret.)
Broken Justice: Rethinking Our Cops and Courts

Recorded July 14, 2015 at Community Media Center, Palo Alto (58 mins)

In this month’s edition of Other Voices, we examine our broken justice system. It is painfully clear — especially in the past year or so — that not everyone receives equal or even fair treatment from our police or court system. The poor and people of color are particularly prone to ill-treatment.

The suggestion has been made to require police to wear body cameras. And that’s about all that has been suggested. It isn’t enough. The problems are systemic and it is time to rethink our cops and our courts.

Our guest, former Superior Court Judge LaDoris Cordell, has special insights, from decades of experience, into what needs to be done. Her suggestions go well beyond the simple palliative of police body cameras.

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