Special Forum: The Real Venezuela Agenda

What’s Not Being Reported & Why It Isn’t Being Reported

Director, Center for Global Studies, Purdue University Northwest
Former priest who lived and worked with the poor in Venezuela for over 20 years

Midpen Media Center, 900 San Antonio Road, Palo Alto
Free and open to all | Wheelchair accessible | Map &  directions

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You’ve seen the headlines: Trump recognizes Venezuelan opposition leader as nation’s president or the even more alarming Trump: US Military Intervention in Venezuela ‘an Option’. But when it comes to US meddling in Latin America, headlines not only fail to tell the story, they obscure the truth. For this special edition of Other Voices TV Forum, we’ll take a hard look behind those headlines.

Nicolas Maduro was re-elected President of oil-rich Venezuela in May of last year. Maduro received a landslide 67.7% of the total vote cast. His nearest challenger received about 21%. This result occurred despite an unrelenting disinformation and sanctions campaign in the country. This campaign was conducted by the United States, regional allies and internal Venezuelan opposition.

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela has served as an inspiration for many of the struggling peoples of the world. Since 2015, the US has unleashed suffocating sanctions on Venezuela as a form of economic warfare. These sanctions are illegal under international law because they impose a collective punishment upon the Venezuelan people for the actions of their government.

lee 150pxLEE ARTZ (Ph. D., University of Iowa), a former machinist and union steelworker, is Professor of Media Studies and Director of the Center for Global Studies at Purdue University Northwest. Artz has published ten books and more than three dozen book chapters and journal articles on media practices, social change, and democratic communication. Artz’s scholarship and teaching have been recognized with numerous awards.

Artz has done research in Venezuela, worked with the Venezuela Consulate in Chicago, and written on community media and popular democracy in Latin America. He offers an informational corrective to the current media distortions of life and politics in Venezuela.

charlie 150pxCHARLIE HARDY, a former Mary Knoll priest from Wyoming, lived and worked with the poor of Venezuela for over 20 years. He lived for eight years in a cardboard-and-tin shack in a government housing project in the barrios of Caracas. He has been an eyewitness to the social transformation of Venezuela into a participatory democracy, using its oil wealth for education, healthcare, cooperatives, land reform, social welfare, and public and community media. He very recently made a return visit to Venezuela.

Hardy has been writing and speaking about the political and social reality of Latin America for over forty years. His memoir about his years in Venezuela, Cowboy in Caracas, was published several years ago.

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