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Condemn Gaza Massacre
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The Trump Administration’s relocation of the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem–in clear violation of a longstanding United Nations resolution–was an intentionally provocative move. The recent massacre of dozens of Palestinian civilian protesters is a direct outcome of that provocation. Our elected representatives in the Senate and House must speak out on behalf of human rights and international law.

PPJC has drafted a sign-on letter to the Senate and House, calling on our elected representatives to:

  • Release a statement condemning the massacres and the Trump administration’s provocative relocation of the U.S. embassy
  • Call for an immediate arms embargo on Israel. That country’s use of lethal force against non-threatening protesters is a violation of U.S. arms exports conditions
  • Call for open Congressional investigations into the unlawful murder of civilians

Sign the letter today
Let Palestine live! Stop killing protesters!

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