Tell Sen. Feinstein: Listen to your constituents!

feinstein-nsaDear Sen. Feinstein:

Your constituents want the same privacy protections that you want to give to foreign leaders. We are astonished at how out of touch you are with the desires of your constituents.

You have been making statements for months now that you fully support the NSA program that sweeps up unlimited amounts of data about US citizens’ phone calls. You have insisted that the program should continue. You have even made the outrageous claim that the call data collection program “is not surveillance.”

And yet, when it comes to the phone calls of foreign leaders, you race to the front of the line to decry the program and call for an immediate end to it.

You need to listen to your constituents, Senator. Your constituents are supposed to be protected from the prying eyes of our government by the 4th Amendment to the Constitution. We demand those protections. Now.

Sen. Patrick Leahy has introduced the USA Freedom Act, a strong piece of legislation to rein in the out-of-control National Security Agency. There will no doubt be other strong bills introduced soon, such as the bill that Sens. Tom Udall and Ron Wyden are working on. We strongly urge you as Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee to allow these bills to have full and fair hearings and to bring them to the committee for a vote. The kind of legislation which you have described as personally favoring does not come anywhere close to what your constituents desire and demand.