Job Opening: Director, Peninsula Peace and Justice Center, a progressive grassroots activist organization (part-time)


“Peninsula Peace and Justice Center has been one of the most effective of the activist organizations” ~ Noam Chomsky

Job Opening: Director of Peninsula Peace and Justice Center (part-time)

Send résumé and cover letter to Please be sure to enter “Job application” in the subject field. Or mail to PPJC, Attn: Job Application, 305 N. California Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94301.

Peninsula Peace and Justice Center (PPJC), based in Palo Alto, has long been regarded as the leading activist organization on the San Francisco Peninsula. Established in 1982, PPJC has earned its reputation as an organization that accomplishes a lot with a limited budget and staff.

Dedicated to independent grassroots activism, PPJC ‘s mission is to provide the means, opportunities and information needed for individuals to take an active role in the political process.

This position averages 20 hours per week, at flexible times; the annual salary is $20,000 – $25,000, depending on experience. Scroll down or click here for more compensation details.


Important Note: The following outline of the director’s responsibilities and PPJC’s main program areas is based on our current activities with a director working full time. The Board/Search Committee is looking for a candidate who will be capable of fulfilling a similar range of responsibilities. The Board will work closely with the new director to develop a modified model which will be sustainable by a part-time director.

Organizing Grassroots Actions

  • Researching, writing and distributing Action Alerts to the membership for their action. Action Alerts  include petitions to elected representatives, sign on letters to elected representatives, etc.

  • Meeting with elected representatives at the federal, state and local levels about issues of immediate concern to our membership. Such meetings are often made in coalition with other local organizations.

  • Creating campaigns for local action, such as the recent campaign to convince local city councils to increase the minimum wage. Frequently done in coalition with other organizations.

  • Representing PPJC while participating in local coalition efforts initiated by others. The ability to work respectfully with a broad array of other organizations is crucial.

  • Organizing public protests, demonstrations, marches, vigils, etc.

  • News media relations

Organizing Public Educational Events

PPJC produces 15 – 20 public educational events per year, including a free monthly televised forum. Most PPJC events are free of charge to the public. At times, events which are expected to have a great deal of public interest will have an admission charge and be produced as a fundraising event.

  • Selecting current issues/topics to be addressed by a public event.

  • Identifying possible speakers or films to address the selected topic and making the necessary arrangements with the speaker(s) or film distribution company.

  • Creating publicity and promotional plan for the event

  • Finding an appropriate venue for holding the event.

  • Recruiting volunteers to assist at the event.

  • Hosting public events.

Information Services

  • Researching articles on current issues and posting those articles to Facebook, Twitter and PPJC’s own website.

  • Creating a weekly Activist Community Calendar which is distributed by email to 2500 subscribers.

  • Maintaining PPJC website

  • Maintaining and expanding social media presence.

  • Researching and writing occasional background information pieces, often in conjunction with an educational event.


PPJC is supported (almost) entirely by contributions from individuals, mostly made through annual membership contributions.

The director is responsible for insuring that annual membership renewals are sent in a timely manner. The director is also responsible for designing and implementing additional fundraising throughout the year, through special appeals or fundraising events.


  • Full responsibility for overseeing income and expenditures in keeping with the Board’s annual budget.

  • Overall responsibility for accurate financial record keeping.

  • Preparing monthly financial and statistical reports for the Board of Directors.

  • Attending monthly Board of Directors meeting.

  • Filing all legally required reports and forms to state and federal authorities (payroll tax deposits, payroll reporting, annual reports, etc.)

General Description

Hours/time commitment -The position averages 20 hours per week, at flexible times; some weeks will require more hours, some fewer hours. Evening and occasionally weekend hours are to be expected.

Compensation – An annual salary of $20,000 – $25,000, depending on experience. Health benefits come in the form of reimbursement toward your own existing health care premiums, amount to be negotiated. Two weeks paid vacation and two weeks paid sick leave to start.

Location – The director works out of her/his own home, although a small office is maintained in Palo Alto, where records and equipment are stored and mail is received. The director will be expected in the Mid-Peninsula on a frequent basis to work with others, and to organize and attend events.

Desired experience – A demonstrated history of paid or substantial voluntary participation in progressive grassroots activism. Prior paid experience is not a requirement. Experience in building and working in coalitions is highly desirable. In addition, prior familiarity with PPJC is desirable, but not required.

Additional staff – PPJC currently contracts with an independent contractor to handle donation processing and light bookkeeping chores. The contractor also maintains PPJC’s membership database.

Training and support – The outgoing director will provide training and be available for future consultation. The incoming director will begin work within a supportive and knowledgeable community, including the PPJC board and volunteers and the bookkeeper, along with our many enthusiastic members.

The Board will work closely with the new director as we transition from our current full-time program model to a part-time one. The Board, comprised of experienced activists, is committed to providing all the guidance and support the incoming director will require.

Additional Details


Following is a list of the main software programs currently used. Familiarity with all of this software is not required, but certainly beneficial. Training on all systems will be provided.

  • Windows 10 laptop

  • Quickbooks Pro 2016 (accounting)

  • WordPress (website)

  • Fundraiser Basic (membership database)

  • Action Network (online service for petitions, sign on letters, etc)

  • Constant Contact (mass email)

  • Pixlr Online Photo Editor (graphic design similar to Photoshop – we try to use open source software whenever possible)

  • Open Office (word processing similar to Microsoft Word – also open source)

  • Google Apps (We make heavy use of various Google free services, including Gmail, Forms, Spreadsheets, Drive, Photos, Groups)

Online presence





Send résumé and cover letter to Please be sure to enter “Job application” in the subject field. Or mail to PPJC, Attn: Job Application, 305 N. California Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94301.