Obama and the War on Terror

Obama and the War on Terror
A Talk by Paul George, Director, Peninsula Peace and Justice Center
Recorded at the Humanist Forum, Palo Alto, June 30, 2013
50 minutes

On May 23, President Barack Obama gave a major policy speech on the so-called war on terror. It was, on the surface at least, a clear and welcome call for a change. It was also clear that Obama was responding to tremendous public pressure to end the policies of his reviled predecessor, something he has failed to do thus far. But how far does his new policy outline go toward actually ending the perpetual war that has gripped our nation since 9/11? And what might the actual new national security program look like? In this talk, our speaker digs deep into the President’s address, keeping the historic context in mind, to find out if our country’s endless war might actually be ending.

Paul George has been a grassroots human rights activist and organizer for over 40 years. He is the director of Peninsula Peace and Justice Center in Palo Alto, CA, the San Francisco Peninsula’s leading grassroots activist organization. Paul is a frequent public speaker on a range of topics.

Videography and editing by TD Daniell. Produced by Peninsula Peace and Justice Center, Palo Alto, CA https://www.peaceandjustice.org