Film Screening
Now or Never: A Generation of Climate Warriors
(Produced by Al Jazeera TV; 25 minutes)

Followed by discussion with
Palo Alto Student Climate Coalition

Hosted by
Director, Peninsula Peace and Justice Center

Wednesday, July 3, 7:00 PM
Zoom Webinar – Advance Registration Required

As the planet tips towards a point of no return, we look at how youth across the world — including here on the Peninsula —  are demanding climate action now.

Protests and activism have the potential to bring about transformative, rapid change. But with big corporations making hefty profits while simultaneously polluting the planet, the appetite for climate action is limited and for many an inconvenience. Despite this, climate protesters have taken to the streets by the thousands to demand action now.

The film Now or Never, produced by Al Jazeera TV as part of their Dying Earth Series, follows young climate activists who have a stark warning for those in power: humans will not survive if nothing is done about climate change. While many see their methods as unconventional and often inconvenient, they are now a necessary means to bring the reality of the climate crisis to the attention of the world. What will happen if we continue to ignore our dying Earth?

Following the half hour film, we will be joined by two local climate action youth leaders for a lively discussion and Q&A.

Julia Zeitlin is an 18-year old climate activist and leader in the Bay Area. She is a recent graduate of Castilleja School and an incoming first-year at Stanford University. Julia is the former president of the Palo Alto Youth Council and Chair of Congresswoman Anna Eshoo’s 2023 Student Advisory Board. Julia is a current intern in the Palo Alto Public Works Department in the Office of Sustainability. She is a member of Palo Alto’s Climate Adaptation and Protection Working Group. Julia is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Palo Alto Student Climate Coalition. In addition to climate justice, Julia is passionate about environmental health sciences, reproductive justice, and animal rights. Julia is also a competitive tennis player.


Avroh Shah is a 15-year-old climate activist and environmental advocate. He is a rising sophomore at Palo Alto High School, and has been involved in environmental and climate advocacy since third grade. He has since founded climate action clubs, organized several events, and collaborated with various organizations and campaigns on local, national, and international scales. Avroh is the Co-Lead of the Outreach Committee of the Palo Alto Student Climate Coalition. He is also a plaintiff in the federal climate and children’s lawsuit, Genesis B. v EPA, and recently spoke at the Commonwealth Club of California. Avroh is also passionate about conservation and increasing food security, and he enjoys skiing and rock climbing in his free time.


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Zoom Webinar – Advance Registration Required

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