No to war / Нет войне

Peninsula Peace & Justice Center Statement on the Russian Invasion of Ukraine
This statement will be sent to our local Members of Congress, our Senators, and the White House. If you would like to add your name, you may do so at the bottom of the page

We call on the government of Russia to cease all military activity in Ukraine and to immediately withdraw all troops from Ukraine and the border areas. The Russian invasion of Ukraine is clearly an unprovoked attack. It is a war of aggression and, as such, constitutes a war crime.

We send our gratitude and solidarity to the Russian peace protesters. At great personal risk, they have taken to the streets to protest their government’s actions. Their courage and commitment inspire us.

We call on the US and Europe to engage in serious regional security negotiations with Russia and to end the expansion of NATO. Robust diplomacy is essential not only to resolve this current conflict, but to address long-standing issues of dire consequence, such as the question of intermediate-range nuclear missiles.

We call on the US and Europe to target sanctions, to the fullest extent possible, at Russian political and military leaders, and Russian elites (the “oligarchs”) only. Ordinary people around the globe will inevitably be adversely impacted by the economic fallout of this war.

We call on the US Congress to resist and reject the inevitable calls for increased military spending which will follow this crisis. Our country already spends far too much on war and far too little on human needs.

We say no to war.

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