JOYSTICK WARFARE: On the Legality and Morality of Combat Drones

Joystick Warfare: On the Legality and Morality of Combat Drones
Paul George – Director, Peninsula Peace and Justice Center

Recorded May 13, 2013 at San Mateo Peace Action / 56 minutes

Washington doesn’t like to talk about its use of military drones very much. No wonder: they just might be illegal under U.S. and international law. To say nothing of the Administration’s so-called “targeted killing” program and its insistence that even US citizens are legitimate targets of warfare from afar.

Paul George, director, Peninsula Peace and Justice Center, has been an activist and grassroots organizer for peace and human rights for over 45 years. In this video, George takes a look at the US drone program: Where and how often are drones being used to launch missiles? Who are the targets? And who is actually being killed by the drones? And, most importantly, should the United States be using combat drones?