door-1802621_640In the GOP dream world, they would defund Planned Parenthood, restrict money for sanctuary cities, fund Trump’s border wall, blow up Obamacare, and ramp up defense spending

Ryan Lizza, The New Yorker: The White House Seems Excited to Shut Down the Government

So far, it does not look like a bridgeable gap. “This is going to be high-stakes poker,” the White House official said. When I asked if a shutdown was likely, the official paused for several seconds. “I don’t know,” the official said. The official added, “I just want my wall and my ice agents.”

Amber Phillips, The Washington Post: The first brick hasn’t been set, and Trump’s border wall is already going south on him

Mexico won’t pay for it. Democrats hate it. Border-state Republicans don’t like it. Congressional Republican leaders would rather not undertake it. There could be an avoidable government shutdown over it.

And yet President Trump’s budget director is pushing Congress to spend $1.4 billion to start building his wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Matt Fuller, Huffington Post: Republicans Prepare To Lose On A Government Funding Bill

In the GOP dream world, Republicans would defund Planned Parenthood, restrict money for so-called sanctuary cities, fund Trump’s border wall, potentially blow up Obamacare, and provide significantly more for defense while starving other domestic programs that Democrats prefer. But it seems Republicans will get hardly any of that, save for a defense boost that lawmakers on both sides essentially consider pro forma at this point.