Free Forum: Impeachment 101 – The Case, The Process, The Politics

impeachment logo cooltext 1920x1080The Case, The Process, The Politics … And What Comes Next

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Hosted by Paul George, Director (Ret), Peninsula Peace and Justice Center

Midpen Media Center, 900 San Antonio Road, Palo Alto
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Impeachment hearings in the House Intelligence Committee have begun, delving into Donald Trump’s dealings with Ukraine and his apparent efforts to compel that country to manufacture damaging information about Joe Biden. The effort will eventually move to the House Judiciary Committee, which has the task of writing articles of impeachment, if there are to be any.

We cannot know at this point where in the process we’ll find ourselves when this forum takes place. But we do know that everyone can use as much information as possible about…

  • The Case: What did Trump and his associates do and what might be the long range impacts for US foreign policy in a volatile region
  • The Process: There will be a lot of parliamentary maneuvering on display as the case works its way through the House and ultimately to the Senate for a trial? What are the rules governing the process?
  • The Politics: As we have learned from observers, impeachment is more of a political process than a legal process and there’s plenty of politics to be examined.

You undoubtedly have your own questions. Bring them! As always with Other Voices TV, you are an important part of the conversation.

Curry 100pxJane Curry, who received her Ph.D. from Columbia in 1979, specializes in comparative politics with an emphasis on post communist states as well as democratization (and de-democratization), media, and political activism from elections to protest. She has published ten scholarly books and 55 articles including editing four editions of the text, Central and East European Politics. Currently, she is working on a book based on her research on mass demonstrations in Ukraine and Georgia.

harrigan 100pxMatthew Harrigan, who received his Ph.D. from the Univ. of Florida in 2018, teaches courses in U.S. Politics, including Congress and the Presidency. His research focuses primarily on the U.S. Congress, namely the legislative behavior of its leadership and rank-and-file members and its intersections with other aspects of American politics.

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