TPP-LOGO-1Here It Comes!

A conversation with
Political- Legislative Director, Communications Workers of America Local 9421
Northern California Organizer, Citizens Trade Campaign

Midpen Media Center, 900 San Antonio Road, Palo Alto
Free and open to all. Wheelchair accessible.

President Obama is expected to sign the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement in early February. At that point, a full blown debate gets underway in Congress … and in trade union halls, climate action forums, and in the streets. The grassroots effort to defeat TPP is expected to be even more intense than the historic efforts surrounding the NAFTA struggle of two decades ago.

Now that the full text of the agreement has been public for some time, we have a good idea of what’s in the trade agreement. And it’s not good. TPP is less about trade than it is about providing multinational corporations with their own private Bill of Rights.

At this month’s Other Voices forum, we’ll learn exactly what’s wrong with TPP. Even more importantly, we’ll learn what the grassroots strategies are and how everyone can get involved in the effort to force Congress to vote NO on TPP.

crowd shot ov brightYOU are an important part of every Other Voices forum. The forum really is a conversation. So come prepared to ask questions or share your opinions.

Other Voices Monthly Forum is held at the Midpen Media Center, where it is recorded for later broadcast on local cable television and streaming on the Internet. Previous forums (and other videos) can be seen at our YouTube Channel or the Video Page at our website.

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