Eyewitness: The Reality for Syrian Civilians  /&/  Shopping for a Better World 

Tuesday, December 2, 7:00 PM
Mid-Peninsula Community Media Center, 900 San Antonio Road, Palo Alto

Join us in the studio and be part of the conversation! Free and open to all, Wheelchair accessible.  //  Watch live online! Visit midpenmedia.org/local-tv/watch-now and select channel 27  //  Watch live on local cable TV channel 27

ch-limbSegment 1: Eyewitness: The Reality for Syrian Civilians – With Allam Dalati, Founder of The Charitable Limb

Allam is a prosthetics expert. He is half Syrian and grew up in Syria. He lives in Arkansas where he had his prosthetics practice and also taught. He started The Charitable Limb (or on Facebook:The Charitable Limb) in 2000 with the mission of fitting poor people in Syria with artificial limbs. He now focuses his efforts on people who lost limbs in the violence in Syria. He goes to clinics in Turkey, then goes to Syria to help people who are still there. He will bring a unique perspective to the realities of the effects of war on civilians. And show you can how you can help.

randtSegment 2: Shopping for a Better World – With Derrick Kikuchi and Craig Wiesner, Founders of Reach and Teach

Craig and Derrick’s independent store in San Mateo seeks to “transform the world through teachable moments.” Everything at Reach and Teach is focused on Gender Equality, Sustainable Living, and Peacemaking. They offer books, toys, teacher resources, and fair trade gifts for all ages. They’ll share some of their latest finds as the holiday gift-giving season gets underway. Learn how this year you can give the gift of a better world.