Depraved Indifference to Truth

rr 3-6-17Resistance Report for March 6, 2017

Resistance is:

  • Actively opposing the Trump Regime’s neo-fascist agenda
  • Actively implementing a vision and agenda rooted in human rights and sustainability


Editorial Board, New York Times: When One President Smears Another

Just contemplate the recklessness — the sheer indifference to truth and the moral authority of the American presidency — revealed here: one president baselessly charging criminality by another, all in a childish Twitter rampage.

Robert Reich, The Old Trump is Back. In Fact, He Never Left

The old Trump – the “birther,” the hatemonger, the thin-skinned paranoid, the liar, the reckless ranter, the vindictive narcissist, the whack-o conman – reemerged in a series of unprecedented and unverified accusations about his predecessor.

Jon Schwarz, The Intercept: If Trump Tower Was Wiretapped, Trump Can Declassify That Right Now

If in fact Trump Tower was wiretapped during the 2016 presidential campaign, as President Trump claimed in several tweets Saturday morning, he can do much more than say so on twitter: Presidents have the power to declassify anything at any time. If he and his associates did nothing wrong, he has every incentive to do so as soon as possible.

Dave Johnson, Trump’s Spectacle Misdirects Us From Our Government’s Destruction

Trump provides the bizarre behavior that will get us to “Look over there!” And while we’re all gazing at the shiny object, the pro-corporate and anti-worker agenda unfolds.

Graphic: Electronic Frontier Foundation