For 40 years now, Peninsula Peace and Justice Center has been the local face of the peace and justice movement. Our progressive, grassroots activism is focused on providing local activists with a wide range of opportunities for making your diverse voices heard by decision-makers. With your help, we’ll keep doing exactly that for decades to come.

We have exciting plans for the near future. After the wintertime surge of COVID/Flu/RSV has ebbed, we will return to hosting in-person programs, but now with the added capacity to livestream our events from wherever they’re held. Once our programs are rolling again, we’ll secure new office space (so you all can come and visit). And once that’s been accomplished, we’ll begin the search for new staff. (Our director, Paul George, can finally actually retire after trying to do so 3 years ago).

We’ve just installed new security software to make sure your online donation is extra-secure. Plus, now, in addition to using your credit or debit card, you can choose to donate by using Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal or Venmo. (Don’t like donating online? We certainly understand. Click here for a mail-in form for check or credit card donations.)

Donate today to support community-based activism!

One final thought …
Next month, you’ll be getting a lot of year-end fundraising appeals, including from PPJC. That’s just how non-profits work. But if you donate now, you can just happily and guilt-free delete those December emails and enjoy the holidays, knowing you’ve already given back to the community.

Thank you for 40 years of support!

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