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Founder and Exec. Dir. of Tri-Valley CAREs

Tri-Valley CAREs is a model for the effectiveness and necessity of community-based grassroots organizing. The organization was founded in 1983 in Livermore, California by concerned neighbors living around the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, one of two locations where all US nuclear weapons are designed. Tri-Valley CAREs monitors nuclear weapons and environmental clean-up activities throughout the US nuclear weapons complex, with a special focus on Livermore Lab and the surrounding communities.

Tri-Valley CAREs works to strengthen global security by stopping the development of new nuclear weapons in the US and promoting the elimination of nuclear weapons globally. Nuclear weapons decrease rather than increase human security. Nuclear weapons pose one of the great social, economic and ecological challenges of our time.


Marylia Kelley is executive director of the Livermore-based Tri-Valley CAREs. She brings three decades of in-depth research, writing, and facilitating public participation in decisions regarding the Department of Energy weapons complex, Livermore Lab, nuclear weapons, waste and cleanup. Marylia serves on the “Community Work Group” (since 1989) to advise the federal Environmental Protection Agency, state agencies and the community on the Superfund cleanup of Livermore Lab. She has provided input to the National Academy of Sciences National Research Council, including on the proliferation risks of the National Ignition Facility and on toxic and radioactive pollution at the Livermore Lab main site and Site 300. She can often be found speaking at diverse venues, from rallies to international conferences. Marylia has written for numerous publications, including the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. Marylia’s work with Tri-Valley CAREs has garnered numerous awards over the years, and, in 2002, she was inducted into the Alameda County Women’s Hall of Fame. She has a background in journalism and humanities, and graduated summa cum laude from John F. Kennedy University.

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Photos: Livermore Vigil – Mishaa Degraw, Pro Bono Photo  / Marylia Kelly – Tri-Valley CAREs

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