Peninsula Peace and Justice Center has long been the local area’s leading grassroots voice for peace, justice and human rights.

About Us

Our active and vital program is unmatched by any other organization of similar size. We have the ear of our elected representatives, the attention of the media, and the support of thousands of local residents. That’s a formula for grassroots success.
amy-vidcapPPJC has a well-deserved reputation for presenting some of the world’s finest progressive speakers. We offer a free monthly forum on a wide variety of issues – broadcast live on local TV – and host visiting activists from around the globe. Thanks to PPJC, internationally known speakers like Noam Chomsky, Amy Goodman, and Robert Fisk make sure the Peninsula is a stop on their speaking tours.

With our popular website and email alert list, we keep thousands of people informed of urgent actions, upcoming events, and alternative information and opinions. features streaming videos of great speakers, over 10,000 archived articles, a community calendar, petitions and more.

We believe democracy occurs every day – when people actively participate in the great decisions facing our country and world. When times call for it, we organize demonstrations (including the largest peace demonstration in the history of the Peninsula), petition campaigns, and vigils. We sponsor Congressional call-in days and meet with our elected representatives. In other words, we use all the tools in the grassroots activist toolbox.

It all adds up to effective grassroots action with a local face.


IMG_1070Opened in February 1981 as Mid-Peninsula Peace Center, the organization was brought together through the collaboration of local activist groups.  The original inspiration to create a Peace Center came from activist Doug Mattern. Other local activists such as Renee Burgard,  Helen Hildreth, Lincoln Moses and Haney Armstrong formed the core group who got things moving.The original Board of Directors consisted of representatives from local groups, with each group paying dues to help cover the rent.

The Center served as shared meeting space for the organizations and a clearing house for information about local activism.


Peninsula Peace and Justice Center is committed to

  • Changing U.S. foreign and domestic policies to ones that meet human needs and human rights.
  • A demilitarized society and economy.
  • True justice for all, at home and abroad, regardless of economic status or beliefs.
  • An end to racism, sexism and all forms of discrimination.
  • Giving ordinary people the information and opportunity they need to be involved and effective in the efforts to change our country and our world.