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World Water Day: Advancing the Human Right to Water in the United States

On World Water Day, policy makers have a job to do. Water isn't a commodity to be sold to only those that can pay. It's a basic right our government must...

Senior Climate Activists Rally Across US to ‘Stop Dirty Banks’

"We will not go to our graves quietly knowing that the financial institutions in our own communities continue to fund the climate crisis," said longtime...

The Illegal Invasion of Iraq: Never Forget

George W. Bush is being reanimated as a folksy painter instead of brought to account for his administration's war crimes. By Lisa Ling and Clare Bayard How...

US Strike Activity Surged in 2022 as SCOTUS Workers’ Rights Ruling Looms

More Americans expressed approval of unions last year than they have in more than 50 years. But unions may be under threat as the U.S. Supreme Court weighs a key labor case.

As Pentagon Budget Nears $1 Trillion, Groups Tell Biden: Enough

We reject pouring our dollars into outdated ships, malfunctioning planes, or record-breaking contractor CEO salaries.

The Rail Unions Warned Us: Greed Is Dangerous

Following multiple, dangerous derailments across the country, those working the railroad have a solution to the nation’s rail crisis: public ownership.

Action Alert: Sign a Letter to Congress for Nuclear Disarmament

Ask your Representative to become a co-sponsor of H.Res. 77. Sign the letter today!

US Lawmakers Reintroduce Bill to End Authorizations for ‘Horrific Forever Wars’

Since 9/11, so-called “counterterrorism operations” have exploded across the globe with little to no oversight, necessitating further congressional action to rein in Pentagon aggression.

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