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Glenda Jones: Artist As Activist

Zoom Meeting 12/1 – Glenda Jones, a local activist and longtime volunteer for PPJC, has provided artwork for a broad array of movements for social change.

The U.S. Promised Tribes They Would Always Have Fish, but the Fish They Have Pose Toxic Risks

For decades, the U.S. government has failed to test for chemicals and metals in fish. So, we did. What we found was alarming for tribes.

COP27’s ‘loss and damage’ fund for developing countries could be a breakthrough – or another empty climate promise

What COP27 has done is to ensure that the idea of a fund for vulnerable countries harmed by climate change will be a central feature of all future climate...

How Low-Income Voters Shaped the Midterm Elections

Americans across the spectrum voted to raise wages, expand health care, and protect abortion rights. These issues have a common thread.

Four signs of progress at the UN climate change summit

The pathway forward for ramping up climate finance to help low-income countries adapt to climate change and transition to clean energy is becoming clearer.

[Video] Judge LaDoris Cordell on the New Supreme Court Term

Last term, the Supreme Court stripped women of their Constitutional right to an abortion while...

This Year, Voters Made an End Run Around Out of Touch Politicians

Citizen-led initiatives scored big wins in the midterms. But now this form of direct democracy is under attack.

House Analysis Confirms Corporations Use ‘Cover of Inflation to Raise Prices Excessively’

Certain companies and industries are engaged in extreme price hikes under the cover of inflation. Americans understand this is happening, and they want it to stop.

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