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Video: Our Democracy Emergency: A Talk by Paul George

A forum about the very real threats to American democracy as a result of a host of new voter suppression and election subversion laws recently passed in about 20 states.

Only Cold-War Fools Hit Replay on Doomsday

Excuse me, but where has the idea of nuclear disarmament gone? A scant 15 years ago, old Cold War hands promoted the end of nuclear terror through the actual elimination of nuclear weapons.

Bernie Sanders: As We Honor Dr. King, We Must Remember What He Truly Stood For

Today, you will see politicians on television talking about what a great man Dr. King was. But many of them are working overtime to undermine democracy.

Forum: Paul George on “Our Democracy Emergency”

Paul George has been a professional grassroots organizer for over 3 decades, so he’s given a lot of thought to democracy. He thinks we’re in big trouble. Join us for this forum and for the struggle to save democracy.

Urgent Action: Sign a Letter to Your Senators

Please sign PPJC’s letter to Sen. Dianne Feinstein and Sen. Alex Padilla and urge them not only to support ending the filibuster but also to take on a leadership role in denouncing this anti-democratic rule.

Yes, There Were 10 Good Things About 2021

Yay! 2021 is over. 2022 may be the year we conquer COVID, pass Build Back Better & voting rights legislation, slash military spending and invest in the planet.

Webinar: Code Red for Humanity

Panelists will address the implications of the IPCC’s “Code Red” warning and the vital role that cities play in implementing actions.

Amy Goodman: Climate Catastrophes Are Everywhere

The wreckage and loss of life from this storm is yet another symptom of how our fossil fuel addiction heats the planet and drives disasters.

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